hey there wild heart. I'm Courtney Ray.


It's the smell of her perfume. The tickle of his fingers running through your hair. The music of her laugh in your ear. The crinkle of his nose when he gazes at you in that certain way. 

Pure love + raw emotion fuel my creative fire, and in your photos, I seek out the small moments that make your story unique.

Before I started my photography business, I was a journalist for many years—a professional storyteller, in a way. Just as then, the truest moments inspired my work and still do. If you’re wildly in love, fearless in expressing your passion and excited to bond with a storyteller to document your wedding day, then let me tell you more.

I get overly excited about the small things in life (surprise flowers, last-minute road trips, hot tea on a rainy day). I love the special, little details that most people might overlook. And I like to form a bond with my couples because they've chosen me to do something unique: Tell their story in an artful manner. My goal is to not only make memories, but to capture them in a way that feels real again in the moment you're looking at your photos. That's the power of photography—and the art of storytelling.

My specialty is pulling those moments of pure emotion and love from my couples—yes, even if you think you’re awkward in front of the camera. I got you, babe. If you get as excited about the little things as I do, shoot me an email at court@daybreakanddusk.com.