Putting Down the Camera and Living in the Moment

It happened again last night. I was walking between rooms in our apartment, tending to little tasks that I'd put on the back burner, when I looked up and noticed the sky was on fire. The sunset was amazing. And I ran to get my camera. But...

We all do it: Hurrying from here to there, running a business, running errands, running our butts off to do get everything done each day. Yes, each of these items that we tick off our to-do lists are important and worthy of our time and attention. But it's also important to slow down and be in the moment. Revel in it. Drown in it a little bit.

My favorite ways to savor time are taking a deep breath outside, especially if I'm at the beach or watching a glowing sunset (or sunrise). However, I don't always get it right. When I'm faced with breathtaking moments like these, my first instinct is to grab my camera and not let it get away. I think that preserving this moment is just as good as experiencing it. But I'm wrong. 

I always have to remind myself to put down the camera in these rare moments: Sometimes, seeing beauty through a lens is just seeing and not experiencing. And some moments are only meant to be experienced. So whatever it is that distracts you from these tiny amounts of time that we truly feel like we're present—thinking about returning work emails, or what to make for dinner, or should I hit the gym tonight?—instead, put it down, get quiet and take a deep breath.