The Best Apps for Polishing Your Instagram

I see all you Instagram addicts out there, constantly filling up my feed with beautiful images and lively updates on your life. But it's not perfect, is it? Maybe you want to show your entire image instead of a squared off portion or maybe you don't like the filters (I know I don't). So I've rounded up my favorite apps for perfecting your Insta-game. And thank you to everyone who follows and supports my Instagram account @goodluckpaige—you're the best! (Photos in the apps are by Courtney Paige Photography.)

Cropping and Sizing Images: Afterlight ($.99, iTunes)

Most people like this app because of its range of soft and subtle filters, but I like all the options I have when cropping my image. Bonus: Afterlight recently introduced a double-exposure feature so you can layer your photos.

Courtney Paige Photography

Framing: Vintique ($.99, iTunes)

This is obviously the most annoying thing about Instagram: It forces you to crop your image to a square. But sometimes that just not what you want—you want to show off all your hard work in more than a 1:1 ratio. When you upload a photo to Vintique and choose "1:1," it will automatically add frames along the top or bottom so your entire image fits within a square frame.

Courtney Paige Photography

Filters: VSCO Cam (Free! iTunes)

Let's talk about filters: There are many, many, MANY apps out there for filters (including Afterlight and Vintique), but the darling of Instagram photographers is VSCO Cam and its small range of 10 filters, three of which are B&W. But I've never found myself wanting more options from VSCO Cam, because there's always something to fit the mood of the photo I'm working on. Bonus: You can adjust the strength of the filters so if it feels like too much of the "moody" option, you can back it off.

Courtney Paige Photography