Weekend Reads: "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert

Drink: Yerba Mate Tea

Favorite Line: "Steal a camera if you must, but stop whining and get back to work."

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

I'll start by explaining my favorite line in this book: Elizabeth Gilbert isn't actually encouraging you to steal. But she is explaining the tenacity her parents employed in their success and also passed down to her. I happen to agree and was even more excited (and you all know how excitable I am) that she used a camera as an example, as most of the book is focused on writing or other creative pursuits.

Oh yes—the rest of the book! So, look, I think there's a creative in all of us. Some of us are crazy enough to let that inner creative guide our careers. And beyond that, there are even a few of us who make that creative into an entire business. That's kind of insane! Except it really isn't, and it's even more doable (I'd like to think of it as "wrap-your-brain aroundable") when you break it down into realistic expectations and actionable items. That's what Elizabeth's book is focused on: getting to past your fears ("Your fear is boring," are the words she uses. And she's right! Mainly because they get you nowhere and they're pretty useless.); gaining clarity on what it is you want and can expect from your creative passion; and how to get started (or in the case of many creatives, keep going) on your dreams. Like, no big deal, just your wildest dreams coming true.

The only drawback is that I was expecting Elizabeth's reasoning to be backed up by some sort of research, with some information based more on science than personal experience. This reads more as a long personal essay on exploring creativity. Worth it, though. I recommend this for everyone, because everyone should take a chance to show off their creative selves. So sit down with your favorite warm drink (I recommend yerba mate tea for a bit of a creative boost) and read on.