4 Must-Haves for Styling Your Engagement Photos

This is the question I get most often: What should I wear for my photos? These are my top 4 must-haves (and must-dos) for styling your engagement session.


1. Basic, Not Boring

You want your personality to shine through in photos, of course. But I always recommend avoiding logos or prints that will outshine you in photos. Logos tend to be the first object that the eyes travel to in photos—when they should be looking at your beautiful faces. Pick solid colors or designs that give interest to your photos but don't overwhelm the scene.

2. Bright is Better

Yes, go bright! We all gravitate toward wearing dark colors in photos because they're flattering, but don't underestimate the power of a pop of color in your engagement session. Here in Los Angeles, we're typically visiting beaches, forests and country spots for photos, so wearing bright pinks, reds, oranges and yellows will separate you more from the background and make you stand out against a backdrop of green fields, blue skies and neutral (ok, golden) beaches.


3. Comfortable Clothes Make a Comfortable Shoot

If anything is obvious in photos, it's an uncomfortable smile. I want you to relax! Hang out, have fun, let your hair down and enjoy the afternoon. (Some couples have been known to bring a flask and take a quick shot pre-photos—but you didn't hear it from me.) And if you're wearing comfy clothes that you feel confident in, then that confidence will show up in your photos and take your look to a whole new level.

4. Try Your Hair and Makeup Team

Ladies... this. Over and over again. You'll have to do hair and makeup trials before your wedding day, and it should definitely be right before your engagement session. You'll get a sneak peek at how you're beauty will look and feel in person and in photos—plus, it will answer some important questions: Will my lipstick rub off during our first kiss? Will my foundation melt in the sun? Will my eyeliner smudge if I start to perspire? These are all must-knows!

One more note...

For the guys: You can't go wrong with a button-down shirt, it's classic. For both of you, I recommend bringing a couple of outfit choices. We usually photograph 1-2 looks during an engagement session: a casual look and a dressed-up look. Or, pick your all-time fave and be comfortable in it for the whole session.