How to Throw a Wedding That is True to Your Wild Heart

Start with the dream. 

If you could plan any wedding, no matter the budget, what would it look like? Would it be in the middle of Yosemite surrounded by your closest friends and family? Would it be a five-star hotel in the middle of Los Angeles with three hundred of your closest family and friends?


Hold on to that vision. Scale your dream to match your budget. And don't let anyone else's opinions about the flowers or the location or the color scheme sway you. 

If you want to throw a wild + fearless wedding, just remember this one thing: That's ok.

You want the name cards to be in the shape of dinos? That's ok.

You want bright orange and neon pink as your color scheme? That's ok.

You don't want the DJ to play YMCA? That's definitely ok. With pretty much everyone.

You want to skip the garter toss? Hey babe, that's totally ok. 

There will be a lot of opinions that fill up your wedding day, but the only ones that matter are yours and your future spouse. Don't feel like you have to stick to tradition or please everyone. Make it your day—one that is full of your unique personality and endless love. To throw a wedding that's rooted in what you really want rather than what everyone else says you're supposed to do? That's pretty wild. And fearless.