Wedding Why: Why Do We Need Engagement Photos?

During a recent wedding, the bride came up to me after the bride and groom portraits and very sweetly whispered, “I’m so glad we did engagement photos, it made these photos so much easier!”

Yes! Exactly! But why? There are three big reasons why I encourage my couples to take advantage of an engagement photo session.

You’ll Learn How to be Comfortable in Front of the Camera

If you’ve never been photographed as a couple before, it will probably start out as an awkward experience the first time. And that’s OK! That’s everybody—most couples have a few moments of “what do we do now?” once they have a lens pointed at them. But this is what I’m here for: Your engagement photos give me a chance to learn about you both and what makes you relaxed and happy in front of my camera. You should feel comfortable, focused on being in love and enjoying the moment—which allows me to discover what actions and direction will work best for you both as a couple. This comes in handy on your wedding day. Speaking of…

Your Wedding Portraits will Move Faster

Your wedding day is an awesome experience—one that is also hectic, sometimes chaotic and most of all, it goes by way too fast. I mean that figuratively and literally, but as many married couples know, the schedule doesn’t always go as planned. As a wedding photographer, I’m used to this scenario and it doesn’t phase me—sometimes, my 1-hour window for bride and groom portraits gets reduced to 20 minutes and I just have to make it work. That’s my job! But it shouldn’t worry you. And for my couples who have done engagement photos with me, they already know how I’m going to guide them into moments that create beautiful memories and photos for them. So no matter what happens with the schedule, we’ll still get the photos you’re hoping for, and it’s much easier if you’ve been in front of my camera before.

You Should Celebrate—You’re Getting Married!

Most of all, you’ve started your life together as a couple. This is the beginning of your life together, and it’s such a special time that goes by VERY fast. Take a moment to slow down and commemorate this huge moment. These photos celebrate the first step to your life as husband and wife, and you’ll want to be able to look back on it.