Wedding Why: Why Should We Buy a Wedding Album?


Before we talk about wedding albums, let’s talk about wedding photography.

Your wedding is a day you’ll look back on fondly for decades, and even though the smallest moments will start to escape you (the small jump of your heart when you opened a sweet note from your groom while you were getting ready, the laughs you shared with your groomsmen, the way you teared up at your first look) as the years go by, they won’t disappear. You’ll be able to experience them all over again through your photos.

So picture that moment: As you browse through your history as husband and wife, are you doing it on the computer? Probably not. You’re opening up a wedding album and carefully turning the pages, running your fingers over the photos, pointing out hairstyles and laughing at memories that come back all of a sudden, ones you thought you had forgotten.

You wedding album is your first family heirloom, one that you'll pass down to your kids and grandkids. 

I encourage my couples to buy high-quality albums that last all those decades that you’ll be perusing them for. Archival paper keeps your images fresh and prevents yellowing; a trusted lab ensures that the printed images are crisp and have accurate color reproduction; and layflat albums remove the crease in the center so your images can make the most of the space on the page.

Email me with any questions you have or if you’d like a recommendation for an album provider (Red Tree albums are pictured here). I include album design in my wedding packages that include albums, so email for info.