Floral Design Guide

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For brides, event designers or even flower enthusiasts who are planning an engagement or bridal shower, we wanted to inspire them with a sweet citrus DIY floral arrangement. Who is we? Myself—Courtney Paige from Courtney Paige Photography—and Adrienne Moore from The Bloom of Time

I have to brag about Adrienne's work—she’s such an amazing florist with unique concepts and color palettes. She likes to take a basic color palette, like the one we worked with (lemon, orange and lime) and add to it with unexpected accents (like blush and bright pink) to make her arrangements pop. What’s even more unique is her grapefruit arrangement—a tiny floral arrangement that can be done in an actual grapefruit. It’s adorable! We’ve also set the scene for our brides with styled picnic and an extra special touch with violas planted in champagne coupes. 

For more information, email Courtney at courtpaigephoto@gmail.com or Adrienne at adrienne@thebloomoftime.com.

Photography: Courtney Paige Photography; Floral Design: The Bloom of Time; Graphic Design: Ally Thornton